Ghosts and Girls of Fiction House! (Chilling Archives of Horror Comics, Band 11)

Ghosts and Girls of Fiction House! (Chilling Archives

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iZombie Vol. 1: Dead to the World (English Edition)

iZombie Vol. 1: Dead to the World (English

Told from a female zombie’s perspective, this smart, witty detective series mixes urban fantasy and romantic dramedy.Gwendolyn “Gwen” Dylan is a 20-something gravedigger in an eco-friendly cemetery. Once a month she must eat a human brain to keep from losing her memories, but in the process she becomes consumed with the thoughts and personality of the dead person – until she eats her next brain. She sets out to fulfi ll the dead person’s last request, solve a crime or right a wrong. Our zombie girl detective is joined by a radical supporting cast: her best friend Eleanor, who happens to be a swinging ’60s ghost, a posse of paintball blasting vampires, a smitten were-dog and a hot but demented mummy.

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Preacher: Book One (English Edition)

Preacher: Book One (English

Merging with a bizarre spiritual force called Genesis, Texan Preacher Jesse Custer becomes completely disillusioned with the beliefs that he had dedicated his entire life to. Now possessing the power of "the word," an ability to make people do whatever he utters, Custer begins a violent and riotous journey across the country. Joined by his gun-toting girlfriend Tulip and the hard drinking Irish vampire Cassidy, the Preacher loses faith in both man and God as he witnesses dark atrocities and improbable calamities during his exploration of America.Collects Preacher #1-12.


Batman: The Long Halloween

Batman: The Long

Broschiertes BuchChristmas. St. Patrick's Day. Easter. As the calendar's days stack up, so do the bodies littered in the streets of Gotham City. A murderer is loose, killing only on holidays. The only man that can stop this fiend? The Dark Knight. In a mystery taking place during Batman's early days of crime fighting, Batman: The Long Halloween is one of the greatest Dark Knight stories ever told. Working with District Attorney Harvey Dent and Lieutenant James Gordon, Batman races against the calendar as he tries to discover who Holiday is before he claims his next victim each month. A mystery that has the reader continually guessing the identity of the killer, this story also ties into the events that transform Harvey Dent into Batman's deadly enemy, Two-Face. The magnificent creative team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale reach their apex in Batman: The Long Halloween. This edition includes original 13-issue series as well as four additional story pages cut from the original series, which are presented fully colored and restored to their place in the story. Also featured are sketches and an introduction by the director and writer of The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan and David Goyer.

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Locke & Key Slipcase Set

Locke & Key Slipcase

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The Sandman Omnibus Vol. 1

The Sandman Omnibus Vol.

The Sandman is Neil Gaiman's universally lauded masterwork following Morpheus, Lord of the Dreaming - a vast hallucinatory landscape housing all the dreams of any and everyone who's ever existed. Regardless of cultures or historical eras, all dreamers visit Morpheus' realm - be they gods, demons, muses, mythical creatures, or simply humans who teach Morpheus some surprising lessons. Upon his escape from an embarrassing captivity at the hands of a mere mortal, Morpheus finds himself at a crossroads, forced to deal with the enormous changes within both himself and his realm. His journey to find his place in a world that's drastically changed takes him through mythical worlds to retrieve his ancient heirlooms, the back roads of America for a twisted reunion, and even Hell itself, to receive the dubious honor of picking the next Devil. But, he'll learn his greatest lessons at the hands of his own family, the Endless, who - like him - are walking embodiments of the most influential aspects of existence. This massive, hardcover tome - over 1,000 pages - collects the first 37 issues of Neil Gaiman's groundbreaking series!

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Bob Powell's Terror: The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics Volume 2

Bob Powell's Terror: The Chilling Archives of Horror

Cult favorite Bob Powell was a master 1950s horror cartoonist delineating some of the most imaginative and incredibly drawn comics in the genre. His terrifying ghouls were as gruesome as his tantalizing girls were gorgeous! The introduction is by Eisner winner Craig Yoe and details Powell's comics career with extensive and revealing quotes from a recently discovered manuscript about his work penned by Powell himself. The front matter is profusely illustrated with rare ephemera and flawless reproductions of Powell's original art. Bob Powell's Terror prints a generous amount of horror comics stories carefully scanned and reproduced from vintage horror-era comics, many of them quite rare and expensive - if you could find them! This beautifully designed, 148-page, library-quality, full-color hardback book is Volume 2 in "The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics" series. The first volume, still available, was Dick Briefer's Frankenstein, published last Halloween to great acclaim. As with the entire line of Yoe Books, the reproduction techniques employed strive to preserve the look and feel of expensive vintage comics. Painstakingly remastered, enjoy the closest possible recreation of reading these comics when first released.

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Predator: The Essential Comics Volume 1

Predator: The Essential Comics Volume

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The Sandman Omnibus Vol. 2

The Sandman Omnibus Vol.

The Sandman is the universally lauded masterwork following Morpheus, Lord of the Dreaming - a vast hallucinatory landscape housing all the dreams of any and everyone who's ever existed. Regardless of cultures or historical eras, all dreamers visit Morpheus' realm - be they gods, demons, muses, mythical creatures, or simply humans who teach Morpheus some surprising lessons. In this epic tale, Delirium, youngest of the Endless, prevails upon the Sandman to help her find their errant brother, Destruction. But their quest will lead to a painful reunion between Morpheus and his son, Orpheus. Then, the Sandman and others are trapped in a mysterious inn while a tempest rages - and all they can do to while away the time is tell the stories of their lives. And when a young woman's baby is stolen, she turns to The Kindly Ones for vengeance - only to set off a series of events that will lead the Sandman to his ultimate fate, and the baby to find a destiny no one could have foretold.This massive hardcover tome, over 1000 pages, collects the final 38 issues of Neil Gaiman's groundbreaking series: The Sandman numbered 38-75, plus stories from Vertigo Jam number 1 and Vertigo: Winter's Edge number 3.

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Aliens: The Essential Comics Volume 1

Aliens: The Essential Comics Volume

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American Vampire Omnibus Vol. 1

American Vampire Omnibus Vol.

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John Constantine, Hellblazer Vol. 1: Original Sins

John Constantine, Hellblazer Vol. 1: Original

Rare Book

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Absolute Sandman Volume One

Absolute Sandman Volume

Absolute Sandman: VOL 01

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Preacher Book Three

Preacher Book

In the continuing saga of the bizarre adventures of faithless Texas preacher Jesse Custer, Jesse, along with his girlfriend Tulip and their friend Cassidy, the Irish vampire, head down South in hopes of recovering from their encounter with the forces of the Grail. But during their planned down time Jesse must face off against an enraged Arseface, who seeks to avenge his father's death, while Tulip deals with Cassidy's startling declaration of love for her. This volume also includes a special story spotlighting the Saint of Killers and the story of Cassidy's first and only encounter with his fellow vampires.

  • ASIN: 1401245013

Preacher Book Six

Preacher Book

* In this final Preacher volume, Jesse Custer makes amends with his girlfriend, Tulip, then seeks revenge against his former friend and compatriot Cassidy for the things the Irish vampire did to her when they both believed Jesse to be dead. As the Preacher's crusade draws to an end, all of the players converge at the Alamo for a final show-down. With the love of his life, Tulip, by his side, Jesse makes his last stand against all of his enemies. But as the dust settles in the Texas desert, you won't believe how this epic battle of good versus evil will end.

  • ASIN: 1401252796

Absolute Batman: The Long Halloween

Absolute Batman: The Long

Absolute Batman: The Long Halloween (Absolute (DC Comics))

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Absolute Sandman Volume Two

Absolute Sandman Volume

Written by Neil Gaiman Art by Shawn McManus, Kelley Jones, Mike Dringenberg, Bryan Talbot, John Watkiss, Matt Wagner, Stan Woch, Colleen Doran, Duncan Eagleson, John Bolton, Malcolm Jones III, George Pratt, Dick Giordano, P. Craig Russell and Vince Locke Cover by Dave McKean DC Comics is proud to present the second volume of the comics classic THE SANDMAN in Absolute format! The second of four beautifully designed slipcased volumes, THE ABSOLUTE SANDMAN VOL. 2 collects issues 21-39 of THE SANDMAN and features remastered coloring on all 19 issues as well as brand-new inks on THE SANDMAN #34 by the issue's original penciller, Colleen Doran, and a host of bonus material, including two never-before-reprinted stories by Gaiman (one prose and one illustrated), a complete reproduction of the never-before-reprinted one-shot THE SANDMAN: A GALLERY OF DREAMS, and the complete script and pencils by Gaiman and Kelley Jones for Chapter Two of "Season of Mists" from THE SANDMAN #23.

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The Witcher Library Edition Volume 1

The Witcher Library Edition Volume

Gebundenes BuchMulti-Eisner award-winning writer Paul Tobin pens a fantasy epic of the adventures of Geralt of Rivia, a witcher--one of the few remaining monster hunters from the critically acclaimed video game fantasy The Witcher by CD Projekt Red! Featuring story art by Joe Querio, Piotr Kowalski, Max Bertolini, with a bonus sketchbook section and additional art by Dave Johnson (100 Bullets), Dan Panosian (Slots), Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo), Duncan Fegredo (MPH), Simon Bisley (Lobo), and a cover by Mike Mignola (Hellboy). Collects issues #1-#5 of the Witcher comic series House of Glass, Fox Children, Curse of Crows, and collected for the first time, Killing Monsters one-shot--and features annotations from the creators of the comics, as well as a sketchbook section.

  • Brand: Penguin Us; Dark Horse Books
  • ASIN: 1506706827

Hellboy Omnibus Volume 1: Seed of Destruction

Hellboy Omnibus Volume 1: Seed of

  • ASIN: 1506706665

American Vampire Vol. 1 (English Edition)

American Vampire Vol. 1 (English

This volume follows two stories: one written by Snyder and one written by King. Snyder's story is set in 1920's LA, we follow Pearl, a young woman who is turned into a vampire and sets out on a path of righteous revenge against the European Vampires who tortured and abused her. This story is paired with King's story, a western about Skinner Sweet, the original American Vampire-- a stronger, faster creature than any vampire ever seen before with rattlesnake fangs and powered by the sun.

  • ASIN: B0064W65N4

Absolute Preacher Vol. 1

Absolute Preacher Vol.

  • Brand: imusti
  • ASIN: 1401264417

Absolute Sandman Volume Four

Absolute Sandman Volume

Written by Neil Gaiman Art by Marc Hempel, D'Israeli, Glyn Dillon, Charles Vess, Dean Ormston, Teddy Kristiansen, Richard Case, Michael Zulli, Jon J Muth and Kevin Nowlan Cover by Dave McKean This final volume includes behind-the-scenes extras plus issues #57-75 and a story from VERTIGO JAM #1. Don't miss the end of what Playboy called a modern myth, as well as a precis on why the stories we tell matter so much. Advance-solicited; on sale November 5 * 608 pg, FC, $99.00 US * MATURE READERS

  • ASIN: 1401210856

Howard Nostrand's Nightmares (Chilling Archives of Horror Comics!)

Howard Nostrand's Nightmares (Chilling Archives of Horror

  • ASIN: 1631401513

Quantum Age: From the World of Black Hammer Volume 1 (The Quantum Age: from the World of Black Hammer)

Quantum Age: From the World of Black Hammer

  • ASIN: 1506708412
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